Areca Arc-1110 (PCI-X to SATA ll RAID Adapter)

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Areca PCI-X 4 port RAID contro


(4/8-port PCI-X to SATA ll RAID Adapters)

The ARC-11X0 Serial ATA ll RAID host adapter is a high-performance PCI-X bus to SATA ll Disk Array host adapter. The controller can provide up to 4 or 8 SATA ll peripheral devices on a single host adapter. When properly configured, the SATA host adapter can provide non-stop service with a high degree of fault tolerance through the use of RAID technology and advanced array management features. Intel IOP331 processor has integrated the RAID 6 engine inside. It offers Areca the advantage of reduced engineering and development costs, by having the New RAID6 function build-in and integrated part saves on component costs and internal PCI bandwidth.Intel emphasis on architectural commonality in IOPs allows Areca developers to capitalize on their existing code base.

The 4/8 port Serial ATA RAID Host adapter is low-profile PCI cards-ideal for 1U or 2U rack-mount system. It is used the same RAID kernel of its field-proven external RAID controller.

PCI-X 3Gb/s SATA RAID Controller
Model Name
Host Bus Type
PCI-X 64bit/133MHz
RAID 6 Support
Cache Memory
Driver Support
4*SATA ll
8*SATA ll
Disk Connector
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  Adapter Architecture
    Intel IOP331
    PCI-X 64bit/133MHz
    256MB on-board DDR333 SDRAM with ECC protection (4/8-port)
    Write-through or write-back cache support
    Support up to 4/8 SATA II drives
    Multi-adapter support for large storage requirements
    BIOS boot support for greater fault tolerance

Battery Backup Module (BBM) ready (Option)

    RoHS Compliant
  RAID Features
    RAID level 0, 1, 10(1E), 3, 5, 6 and JBOD
    Multiple RAID selection
    Array roaming
    Online RAID level/stripe size migration
    Online RAID capacity expansion and RAID level migration simultaneously
    SED (self-encrypting drives) function support
    Instant availability and background initialization
    Automatic drive insertion/removal detection and rebuild
    Greater than 2TB per volume set
    Support S.M.A.R.T, NCQ and OOB Staggered Spin-up capable drives
    Support spin down drivers when not in use to extend service life (MAID)
System status indication through HDD activity/fault connector, LCD Connector and alarm buzzer
    SMTP support email notification
    SNMP support for remote notification
    I2C Enclosure management ready
  RAID Management
    Field-upgradeable firmware in flash ROM
    In-Band Manager
    Hot key boot-up McBIOS RAID manager via BIOS
    Support controller's API library for customer to write its own AP
    Support Command Line Interface (CLI)
    Browser-based management utility via ArcHttp Proxy Server
    Single Admin Portal (SAP) monitor utility
    Disk Stress Test (DST) utility for production in Windows
    Out-of-Band Manager
    Push Button and LCD display panel
  Software Drivers
    Windows 10/8/Server2012/7/2008/Vista/Server 2003/XP/2000
    Redhat Linux and SuSE Linux
    VMware (Driver 6.x support CLI in-band management utility)
    Solaris 10x86
    UnixWare 7.1.x
    Netware 6.5
    Mac OS X 10.5.x (no-bootable)
Dimension: ARC-1110/1120: 64(H) x 168(L) mm
SATA Interface: ARC-1110/1120(Multi-layer SATA connector)
Operating: Temperature: 0°c to +40°c
Humidity: 10% to 85%, non-condensing
Storage: Temperature: -40°c to 60 °c
Humidity: 5-90%, non-condensing
  Electrical Requirements
Power Requirements: 5.5W max. On +5V
  4.75W max. On 3.3 V
  0.72W max. On+12V

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