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With over 25+ years of experience in the data storage industry, we know storage and have the background to prove it. Founded in 1990, we have been at the core of data and network management. With strong relationships within the industry and with our own partners, Tekram USA is a name you can trust.

Reasons to purchase with Tekram USA:

  • We're located in the United States with a office staffed with both sales and technical support.
  • We ship from our own warehouse and receive inventory weekly. 
  • We have our own on site technician, assembling systems and troubleshooting.
  • We can stock in house all components that we sell or build systems with.

If you need a product ordered or shipped ASAP, let us know and we can work with you. 

We are recognized as one of the most influential storage manufacturers in Taiwan. First to develop caching disk controllers for the VL-Bus series, and the bus-mastering enhanced IDE chip, S1040 SCSI controller ASIC and early stages of RAID storage development. During the transition of SCSI and SATA/SAS, our Taiwan partnership, Areca Technologies was created in 1999 to continue the commitment for the research and development of newer disk array technologies with Asia as it's base. Areca continued delivering storage innovations using their own custom ASIC and released the first RAID 6 controller to the market, with Tekram USA helping along the way. Today, in addition to Tekram USA and Areca, CineRAID was formed to strategically partner with creative professionals to create a broader range of true high performance, reliable and low cost storage solutions optimized for audio and video production, photography and the professional content creators. 

From RAID systems, controller cards, networking/data cables and contract work, Tekram USA Inc has the solutions to any data need.



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DUNS Number: 601142537


Here are some of our products from professional's point of views,


Thunderbolt Series


Larry Jordan


Pixel Reeder

Los Angeles Cameraman

Pro Video Coalition 

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Areca Arc-1883 Series

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